Welcome to Determined2.com (D2)


We look forward to having you become an active member of our growing community. The primary purpose of Determined2 is to provide you with a FREE platform (podium) by which to PROMOTE yourself (and all that you care about).

Participating in our growing community will help you leap-frog the impediments to achieving your life goals. Our aim is to help you find the INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to apply the EFFORT toward reaching your desired TRANSFORMATION (TIME).


The realization a change needs to occur. Take a D2 podium to explore your thoughts, your interests, your talents and your challenges.


Understanding the steps needed to be made, and then taking one at a time toward achieving your goal. Take a D2 podium to remind yourself success is incremental, one step at a time.


Goals and dreams that merit your attention are worth the labor to attain.  No challenge can be overcome, and no triumph declared without the strength of your will and determination. Take a D2 podium to proclaim the victory.


Our value is in the heart; our drive is in good health; and aspiration is in the love we share. Enhance yourself by engaging with the goodness of the world around you. Join the D2 community to create, share, and profit.

D2 was established in November of 2007 to facilitate its members in focusing on achieving goals. The purpose of the site was to provide a social media network by which members can define their goals and, through information oriented links, identify the steps required to achieve success. The interactive component of D2 allowed for other members to provide the support and encouragement needed to remain focused.

Since its origin, the D2 concept has evolved and was transformed into a platform on which the member can easily design a personal PODIUM to communicate and display (by Blog, Photo and Video) their progress in attaining their goal. Our format allows the FREE BASIC member to remain focused on the STEPS needed to achieve SUCCESS.

In addition to providing a platform from which to communicate goals and successes, ASSET members can participate in an opportunity to share in the network’s net profit. Wall Street investors have long profited exorbitantly from their investment in other social media networks that use YOUR CONTENT to generate advertising revenue.  D2 will utilize a SWEEPSTAKES for distribution of net profits obtained from fee-for-service and products generated through the D2 platform.

As personal goals often result in the creation of a small business handling products or services provided by a member, D2 allows businesses to design a PODIUM to promote these products and services (participation in Sweepstakes is limited to individuals).

Motivate Yourself
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