Determined2 Trademark

We invite you to join our growing network (; and to help us develop a community that is determined-2 tout each member’s efforts to achieve personal goals.


By providing you with a FREE basic website, Determined2 assists each member in promoting their interests or products. Your participation in a network of like-minded members ( increases the community’s commercial net-worth: enhancing cost-per-click (CPC) and Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO).

Participating in our growing community helps you leap-frog the impediments to achieving your life goals.

Our aim is to help you find the INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to where you can apply EFFORT toward reaching your desired TRANSFORMATION.


The basics of

  1. Create a membership network ( that provides members with a FREE basic plan to create and display a personal website, customized from up to five themes.
  2. Each sub-website functions independently with member’s personal URL address (
  3. Each member creates a profile which can be used to interact with other members. The goal is to permit members to promote their ideas and products while creating a marketing base of inter-connected members.
  4. The network organizer (Determined2 LLC) will use a network popup at the lower segment of the member’s landing page and on the background of each member’s sign-in page for paid advertisers.
  5. Furthermore, a marketplace is created for paid advertisers of basic-members and non-members. Internally developed products will also be included.
  6. Generated profits from paid advertising will be distributed by Determined2 LLC among participating network members through the means of a system-wide sweepstakes. (further Social Net-worthing)